What is Eternal Zoe?

Cross of the Trinity. His Plan.

My name is Joey Heidemann-Payne and several years ago I had a simple yet powerful dream. There were no words in the dream…. just a “knowing” of what it meant.

In the dream a triangle appeared, which I instantly knew represented the Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. As I looked on in wonder, the side of the triangle representing The Son slid down, and took upon it a line, forming the shape of a Cross.

As I awakened, God spoke to my heart and said, “That is My Plan.” Immediately I thought of John 3:16 and replayed the dream in my mind: “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…”

I was moved to share my dream with others, so they too, could experience the power of His Plan, as so beautifully shown in the dream. I told everyone I could about the dream and saw that it brought clarity to God’s Word, as family, friends, church groups and strangers visualized His Plan for their lives.

Seven years passed and God spoke to me again, “Now is the time.” This led me to the understanding that my role in this, was to make my dream “real” for other people. I was led to create a tangible representation of the Cross of the Trinity as it appeared in the dream.

With the help of a gifted graphic artist, we put the Cross of the Trinity in motion. After a few renditions, we perfected the unique triangle design that now inspires others to know the power of His Plan in their lives.

The Cross of the Trinity has become a beautiful way for people to share their faith because it prompts others to ask, “What does that cross mean?” When was the last time anyone asked you about the meaning of a cross? The story of this dream-inspired design is brilliant because it’s so profoundly simple…… God’s Plan is to bring us into His family and that is by way of The Cross.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful design and that it is meaningful to you and yours.

God’s wonderful Blessings to you all,