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"I absolutely LOVE the necklace and the message behind it. I wear my silver one all of the time. We bought several to try out at the merchandise table and people love them so much we have a hard time keeping them in stock. Thank you Joey for your ministry and for sharing this wonderful design with all of us. "

Jaime Thietten

"In my flower shop I display the Zoe dream video so that anyone who visits my shop can see the dream. It's exciting to see people "get it" as they visualize God's plan in this simple way."

Michelle Heidemann,

Absolutely Flowers

"I like my Zoe necklace because it's an easy way to share the Gospel with my friends… I never take it off!"

Cindy Jardine - Church of the Ascension

"We offered the Eternal Zoe necklace as a fundraiser for the food pantry/outreach ministry at our church. The necklace has such appeal to so many people: it is a simple, beautiful and unique design; it is available in a variety of metals and with or without gemstones; and the story of its creation is inspiring. It was a fundraiser which brought joy to those who purchased the necklaces, as well as significant boost to our outreach bank accounts. Many thanks again for a successful fundraiser!" Cindy Jardine - Church of the Ascension
Cindy Jardine

St Luke's Episcopal

"We sold the necklaces to raise money for our church mission trip. People lined up to see them and sales were incredible because the design was so unique. But, when Joey Payne shared her story of the dream that inspired the design, our parishioners felt God's presence and made their purchases to share His love with others." Buddy Hall - St Lukes Episcopal
Buddy Hall,
Jerome Id


"I got injured near Twin Falls, Idaho on my summer vacation, one of the nurses was wearing an interesting cross necklace and was kind enough to give me your website. I got my own necklace and now I'll be sending anyone out here in Pittsburg, PA to you."
Pittsburg, PA


"Dear Joey, For Christmas my employees bought me your necklace. I loved it. A few days later I was giving my son a ride to work, but first we stopped at a gas station and I went inside and the cashier said" I love your necklace that's the prettiest thing I have ever seen, so then I gave it to her and explained about the necklace and told her "God bless you". She had the biggest smile on her face and the other cashier ran over to see it too. I bought another one thinking what an awesome way to give and minister."
Twin Falls, Id


"Hi Joey, My friend and I really enjoyed meeting you Sunday and hearing your wonderful dream testimony and vision God gave you and of course the finished product. (The Eternal Zoe Design Necklace) It was the highlight of the Boise show! Do you have a Boise distributer?..."
Boise Id